Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

CCTV footage from Daesung’s accident doesn’t show when motorcyclist was hit

Police have revealed that the CCTV footage from Daesung’s accident had a limited range of visibility, causing the investigation to go through further difficulties.
On June 20th, a Seoul-Yeongdeungpo Police representative revealed,
Footage regarding whatever accident Hyun experienced prior to Daesung’s collision was not caught on the CCTV. Since there is only footage of Hyun collapsed on the road, the investigation is facing difficulties.
The location which Hyun was expected to have had a prior accident is in the vicinity of a cement bridge. Unfortunately, the CCTV cameras at the opposite ends of the bridge had limited visual fields, and so the police are in a situation where details regarding Hyun’s prior accident cannot be determined with certainty.
The representative continued,
We have yet to receive the autopsy reports from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation. As soon as the results are acquired, we will present the comprehensive results. We expect the results to come out within the week… The relevance of the reports that previously came out is not important. Rather, we fear that the information released prior to this comprehensive report will cause confusion and fear…
It is not important whether or not there was a hit-and-run; rather, we must determine whether or not Hyun had already died before Daesung’s accident.
When the original autopsy had been done, they expected the investigation to last for about two weeks. However, as the National Institute of Scientific Investigation determined that a more thorough investigation was needed, the expected deadline has been pushed back.
The topic of greatest concern for this autopsy is Hyun’s time of death, as it will help determine if Hyun had died before Daesung’s collision.
Source: Star News via Nate
translation: AKP

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