Senin, 20 Juni 2011

Newest Reports On Daesung's Accident Proven to be Fake

Via Nate News and 6theory forums user Flibbertigiblet, we have learned that the earlier reported news about the motorcyclist having been alive prior, is false. Allkpop translated.

The National Forensic Service is reporting that they had neither contacted nor spoke with MBC regarding the Daesung incident, and that whatever news that had come out of MBC’s “News Desk” is likely to be pure speculation.

“We have not released any statements regarding Daesung’s accident,” said a spokesman for the NFS. “The investigation is still proceeding, so there is nothing we can say right now.”

The NFS also stated that after an internal review, no one was found to have spoken with MBC regarding the incident. “We don’t know who said such a thing, but there’s a high possibility that the broadcast was different from the truth.”

The autopsy results are scheduled to be handed over to police on the 21st.

Further more, user Flibbertigiblet (translator/Big Bang news reporter at 6theory forums) has also reported.

"MBC's News Desk is currently under fire for broadcasting speculation without any proof. A police officer has come out and said that there has been no briefing at all since it is the weekend and the investigation is still ongoing after News Desk aired a fake story.
MBC's News Desk has also come under fire in recent months after they aired someone being brutally beaten to death with a plank uncensored and with no warning. They also used the wrong picture of someone with the same name for a story on someone who died.
They also aired a stupid story on how they were testing how "violent" gamers were by going into an internet cafe and turning off all the power randomly. Then of course the people in the internet cafe reacted and swore, and the (censored) reporter concluded the story as if that proved how violent they were. They also aired footage of a corpse uncensored after the Japan tsunami. They also used a censored picture of Song Seung Hun very obviously during a story about something that had nothing to do with him, but it made it seem like he was the criminal they were referring to.
All of this stuff happened in recent months. MBC's News Desk is the bottom of the barrel and not a source to be taken seriously."

Source: Nate News and Flibbertigiblet@6theory forums
Transltion: AKP and Flibbertigiblet

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