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MBLAQ Interview on Scawaii July Issue

SOURCE: 110606 [SCANS] MBLAQ @ Scawaii July Issue

Special LOVE  Q&A that can be read only on S Cawaii!
Q>>>Your lines of confession are?
“I want to become a part of your life! Because I can’t imagine how every day without you is, on days when we are not meeting I’ll send you as many mails as I can and want to talk on the phone. Even when we can’t be together, don’t forget about my existence. My heart is always right by your side.” (G.O)
“I’ll do my very best and love you only!” (Mir)
“I really like you!” (Joon)

Q>>>If you are to comfort a girl who feels down?
Putting my heart into it, I’ll write a letter with all my effort. I’ll encourage her by writing messages that she can become positive with like “Surely it will turn out well,” “It’s fine,” “I’m always your supporter.” (Joon)
If she makes a mistake at work and is feeling down, I’ll want to get close to her side secretly without a word. Until she confides her problems to me, I’ll wait without asking anything myself. (Cheondung)
Saying “I’ll buy you anything you like!” I’ll want to give her a present of some extraordinary accessories that loosens up her tension. (G.O)
Q>>>What will you be like when you are in love?
I’ll by all means carry heavy stuff for her, become exceptionally gentle to the girl I like, etc. (Seungho)
I’m passionate when I’m in love. I’ll think earnestly about nothing but the girl I like. I’ll want to spend all my time except my work time together with my girlfriend, and by all means give her the things she wants as presents. Anyway I’ll keep doing my best! (G.O)
I’m the type that plays a bad guy in front of the girl I like (laugh). Wanting her to turn around I do things like not contacting her and calculating. I won’t be obedient. Even I myself don’t understand, but a me who does actions that swing the opposite side might exist. (Mir)
When I can have a girl I like my whole livelihood will revolve around her. I’ll be in love mode entirely. With that kind of feeling, surely if we break up it may be terrible (laugh). (Cheondung)
I’ll sprinkle my aegyo on the girl I like. I’ll do things like trying to show my cute appearance of behaving a little bit like a spoiled child, working hard with all my effort to make her like me, etc. (Joon)
Q>>>What kind of girl do you want to protect?
A girl with honesty who doesn’t tell a lie anytime. (Seungho)
A girl who cries easily and talks quietly. (Cheondung)
As for a girl who treats the people around her well, I think I want to support her as well. (Mir)
I want to protect a girl who works hard with all her effort on her own matters, other people’s matters and also everything. (Joon)
A girl who seems to be not fine when I don’t support her like a girl even if she appears to have a firm character. (G.O)
Q>>>Your impression of Japanese girls is?
They have good manner and their smiling face is pretty! When we had our high touch meeting at our debut event, we made all our fans wait for a long time. Even though I thought they were very tired they were really delighted to meet us. In everyone’s lovely smiling face we contrarily got energy! (Seungho)
Q>>>In what way does a girl fawn on you that impresses you?
I’m on the side of wanting to have skinship with the girl I like. When we are together if she pouts, “Why don’t you hold my hand?” it’s heart-tugging. (G.O)
I think that she’s cute when she is nagging about various things like “do this!” (Mir)
If she looks really sad and says “I want to meet you sooner,” I’ll be impressed! (Cheondung)
Q>>>At what time when can you show your manliness?
When no matter what happens I’m trying to protect my one and only girl who is important to me. (Joon)
When I’m being introduced to my girlfriend’s friends, I try my hardest to look manly! I do things like leading my girlfriend gently and showing my tolerability! (Mir)
When I’m playing with machines. Things like connecting the wiring of a TV, certainly connection of a PC and repairing are my strong points! Recently on twitter a fan asked me a question about machines, “At such a time what should I do?” The fact that I’m strong in machines is penetrating (laugh). (Seungho)
Q>>>A message to the readers of S Cawaii!
All readers of S Cawaii!, from now on please work hard to aim at being a fashionably sexy girl. We 5 people will also work hard to become top artists without forgetting our initial resolution, so thank you for your support in advance! (Seungho)
Charm Point: I have a personality with honesty that I don’t tell a lie
Hobbies: Music appreciation
Special Skills: Acrobatics, dancing, card magic, piano
Favorite Food: Cutlet curry
Type of Girls Who You Like: Girls who have pretty eyes
Japanese Words That You Like: Machines, because I know machines very well myself (laugh)
Fashion of Girls Who You Like: I like jacket + pants style
Charm Point: My smiling face. I was told that it’s cute!
Hobbies: Exercising, gym
Special Skills: Modern dance, ballet, acting
Favorite Food: Sukiyaki
Type of Girls Who You Like: Girls who don’t tell a lie
Japanese Words That You Like: Sleepy! I’m sleepy now (laugh)
Fashion of Girls Who You Like: Girls who have appearances that show their own personality are good!
Charm Point: My eyebrow hair!
Hobbies: Cooking
Special Skills: Singing, dancing
Favorite Food: Japanese beef bowls
Type of Girls Who You Like: Girls with long hair who has a feminine atmosphere
Japanese Words That You Like: It’s okay
Fashion of Girls Who You Like: Slim feminine style
Charm Point: My cheek muscle
Hobbies: Music appreciation, writing and composing songs
Special Skills: English, Tagalog
Favorite Food: Chicken wings
Type of Girls Who You Like: Cute girls who are pure and look at me only
Japanese Words That You Like: Chicken wings (laugh). I often say it wrong as “tabasaki” (T/N: The correct pronunciation is “tebasaki”)
Fashion of Girls Who You Like: Soft girly fashion
Charm Point: My smile
Hobbies: Gags
Special Skills: Singing, dancing
Favorite Food: Takoyaki
Type of Girls Who You Like: Girls who are like cats. It’s OK to have sharp features and an annoying personality
Japanese Words That You Like: Thank you very much in advance! I love you
Fashion of Girls Who You Like: Energetic boyish style like short pants and caps
Once you are bitten, you can’t leave!
Fall into their wild songs and dance!
“Once you are bitten by the 5 strongest vampires, you can’t leave from this sweet charm……” MBLAQ that has such an intensive catch phrase debuted with a wild image in Korea in 2009. They gained popularity in a wink with songs that have sweet and sexy whispers added in intense performances. Following TVXQ and SNSD they won “the 17th Annual Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards ‘Group Singer Award’” in 2010. Appearing in 11 commercials and the like, they have grown into a monster group who has accomplished brilliant achievement that can’t be done as rookies. Being a hot issue in Asia they achieved their CD debut in Japan finally on May 4th.
As for their debut song “Your Luv,” when “as a cheerfully forward looking love song it’s different from what we’ve had so far and it’s a song that can show everyone a new MBLAQ,” (Mir) it seems like it can also show a different side from what they show in Korea. In the interview, “I’m the type that can’t directly approach the girl I like. If I go in front of her I’ll get nervous, won’t be able to do anything and will avoid her. There was also a time when a girl I like said ‘you don’t like me?’” (Cheondung) clumsy episode in love would appear suddenly. They make us want to know more what kind of sides they have. From now on, “We have a dream of having a concert at Tokyo Dome.” (G.O) It’s MBLAQ from whom we can’t take our eyes off more and more. We recommend you to listen to their debut song first amd enjoy that performance!
**known facts and irrelevant information omitted

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