Senin, 20 Juni 2011

Motorcyclist in Daesung’s Accident is Likely to Have Been Alive Before Crash

Big Bang’s Daesung (Kang Daesung, 22) has been involved in a traffic accident that is currently being investigated after motorcyclist Hyunmo (30) died on the scene and the conflict of Daesung crashing into him while he was still alive has been raised.

On June 19th, MBC’s “weekend news desk” side, quoting the National Institute of Scientific Investigation said, “the results of the tests revealed that Hyunmo’s blood had 0.16 alcohol concentration which means he could have fallen from the motorcycle on the side of the road after hitting a street lamp. Mr. Hyunmo would have gotten hurt in the process, but the wound would have not been bad enough to kill him. Before Daesung crashed into him the possibility that he was alive is very likely” he said.

‘News Desk’ added, “Between the Hyunmo-ssi fell off his motorcycle and the time he was hit by Daesung’s vehicle he could have also died from massive blood loss”, not completely ruling out the possibility that Hyunmo-ssi could have already been dead.

‘News Desk’ further revealed, “The autopsy results that will reveal Hyunmo’s cause of death are said to be released on June 21st by the police” .

Korean source:
English trans: ygbigbang-ing + Sammi@ibb

NOTE: Please note, again, the results have not been released. This is still speculation and nobody is sure on anything yet. We are posting this so fans have an up to the minute report of what is going on. Please be kind and respectful with comments. Thank you :)

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